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Tasteful, timeless, and authentically Tuscan, the beautiful DelBrenna Jewelry Boutiques are loved by customers around the world.
DelBrenna is a family-run brand with deep Italian roots and a vision to accessorize happiness.
The company’s boutiques & showrooms feature exclusive jewels, shoes, scarves, fashion accessories, crystal-ware & golden soaps.
DelBrenna is known for its exquisite craftsmanship, impeccable service, and luxurious design and detail.


Take the road less traveled and discover one of Cortona’s hidden gems. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main piazza, find the DelBrenna Showroom opened in 2013. After creating artisan jewelry for generations in their private studio, DelBrenna wanted to bring their workshop into Cortona and share the phases of jewelry-making with treasured guests. DelBrenna expanded beyond their small boutique enthusiastic about re-creating the quintessential, luxe shopping experience entertaining all five senses for true memory-making. The intriguing location chosen was an ancient noble family’s palazzo cellar in the underground of Cortona. Not only a unique shopping experience but also the family jewelry museum. An elegant & fun space to reset & relax while browsing original handmade shoes & jewelry. Enjoy a glass of Prosecco with gold & silver flakes while you are guided through the ancient olive mill & wine cellar. Discover the secrets of the noble Alfieri-Venuti palace and observe the techniques behind artisan jewelry and DelBrenna’s original pieces.


DelBrenna’s decision to open a boutique in Florence, also known as the “Jewel of the Renaissance,” was a natural one. Gianna DelBrenna, Sebastian DelBrenna’s mother, was born in Florence, so the DelBrenna Family holds the city dear. The Firenze Atelier, located in Tuscany and established in 2023, has become a favorite among fans due to its jewelry of course, but also the gorgeous iron-corten displays, chandeliers, and the typical dreamy atmosphere of DelBrenna’s interiors. Classical music plays while visitors can browse through history and family photos and view a silversmith’s workbench display. Guests are greeted with Italian hospitality and served a glass of sparkling prosecco and may even hear classical musicians playing in the nearby square by the obelisk in front of the Chiesa Santa Trinita, located on Via Tornabuoni – one of Florence’s most central streets and the fashion hub of the city. Horse-drawn carriages pass by, adding to the charming atmosphere. While Florence can be bustling and intense, it also offers moments of surprise and calm where you can even choose a little sparkle to take home as a lifelong treasure full of memories from your adventure in Italy.

DelBrenna - Kansas City Boutique


Megan grew up in Kansas! And Sebastian loves the warm hearts of the midwest! So they followed the yellow brick road in 2018 and opened a boutique at The Crestwood Shops in Kansas City! Bringing Italy overseas to the Americas was a journey. Megan & Sebastian perused Tuscany’s riches commissioning two lioness sculptures, to protect DelBrenna’s treasures in their new distant home. They designed iconic steel window displays and garden gates, hand-made in Italy to present the DelBrenna artistry, and joyfully selected the signature chandelier for their latest expansion. All this, so that guests that cross the threshold into the boutique could be transported to Italy and journey through the Tuscan history of DelBrenna.



Italy hours of operation: Monday-Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm.
Limited hours during Winter months.
Call the Boutique: +39 0575 601518.
Call the Office & Lab: +39 0575 630643.
Emails to [email protected]
we try to answer every email within 24 hours.


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